Bhavesh Gupta

quick learner,
keeps it simple and automates the rest.



Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science, 2016-Present
CGPA : 6.5

Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology

Hisar, Haryana, India

  • Languages: Python3,HTML,CSS and JS
  • Frameworks: Flask and interested in learning Django
  • Tools: Git,Sublime Text,Visual Studio
  • Libraries: jquery,Bootstrap and almost all popular Python libraries.
  • Presently started to learn the ML and AI stack with python.
Personal Projects

    1. PasteMail (10/2018 – Present)
  • It is a utility to have a common clipboard for all your electronic devices. Like whatever you copied on your desktop machine, if you want to use it on phone, just double click on PasteMail program on your PC, it will automatically sense the last copied item on clipboard and sends you an email with body as that item, in less than 2sec.
  • Presently, i am working on same such utility from mobile to desktop. For that i am trying to go with an android app, which will use webview utility of android and there i will have a simple webpage with backend as firebase, which will notify another webpage on desktop, whenever something new is pasted in it.

  • 2. InstagramTool (11/2018 – Present)
  • Ahh! checking out someone's profile picture has always been an underrated pleasure. Everyone does it. But with instagram, one can only see profile picture in a resolution of around 64x64.
  • I tweaked out some ways, to get an hd profile picture of any instagram user, no matter public or private account. You just need to put their username and click submit.
  • The webapp is doing everything as desired, but yet to be put up on server. You can always contact me for a live demo over internet.

  • 3. University Result Finder (08/2018 – 9/2018)
  • This project was not a result of my thought process or ideas, it was the need of the hour. The official website of my college has(i want to use 'had', but they are still there), a very irritating way of displaying results on the website. It is taking more than 85 seconds to check whether result has been declared or not, and if page refreshed, take a seat, its another 90 seconds.
  • So, i figured out their way of storing and serving the result file, by observing the URL of some files and then devised an algorithm to generate same URL by taking inputs from user through a html form. I managed to redirect the user to his/her desired result file in less than 1 second.
  • My method requires to fill the date of declaration also, which i consider as a side effect of saving the time.In version 2 of this app, i updated my backend algorithms and devised a way to that doesn't require date of declaration and i can also provide custom personalised result, i.e of only user's roll number.
  • One can think of this as a container around the official website, which helps user in selecting the resource he wants to access. version1, Contact me for live demo over internet for version2

  • 4. TrainTimes (6/2018 – 7/2018)
  • a utility to ease the train travel.
  • worked on this during my in-house training at university campus with ESCI, Hyderabad.
  • it is capable of showing routes,live train location, train schedules, station data,PNR status and one can also book hotels and buy food.
  • used Indian Railway API to get the live data over the GET requests and parsed the response accordingly as per need.

Interests & Hobbies
  • Competitive Programming
  • It has helped me in developing skills like creative thinking and stress management. Cleared the pre-elimination round of Codechef Snackdown.Please check my online profiles over Codechef,HackerEarth,HackerRank.

  • Checking out free APIs
  • I devote my free browsing time over internet to various interesting and useful APIs. Also have interest in writing APIs for web-apps to share data and save computing time.

  • Writing Chrome Extensions
  • wrote 2-3 Google Chrome extensions, just to ease some of daily routine works and also learning new stuff.

  • Testing everything
  • love to report bugs and test stuff for my friends. In this process, i had got into some troubles also, but it still was fun.

  • Cricket
  • I live in India,so..

  • Completed various Online Courses
  • Aced in various online contests
    • won a Tshirt from Github
    • for completing the 5 successful pull requests to open-source projects in October 2018

    • selected for
    • Udacity Pytorch Deep Learning Course with Facebook