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The Qt WebKit module provides the WebView API, which allows QML applications to render regions of dynamic web content. A WebView component may share. The following sections contain information about porting an application that uses the Qt WebKit QWebView API to use the Qt WebEngine QWebEngineView. qt5-webkit: qt5-webkit (Qt based web browser engine) qt5-webkit: qt5-webkit: Qtwebkit is a Qt based web browser engine. qt5-webkit: This package contains the.

In this tutorial, we'll make our own browser using Qt Webkit. First, we'll just try to load a url to display a web page, then start to build the more refined browser.

License(s): custom, FDL, GPL3, LGPL3. Replaces: qt5-webkit-ng. Conflicts: qt5- webkit-ng. Maintainers: Felix Yan ยท Antonio Rojas. Package Size: MB.

Qt Webkit. Contribute to qt/qtwebkit development by creating an account on GitHub. > Libraries > qt5-webkit (). QtWebkit is a Qt based web browser engine. This package contains the Qt5 based version. Optional dependencies: libwebp. Dependency line: qt5-webkit>0:www/qt5-webkit. To install the port: cd /usr/ports/ www/qt5-webkit/ && make install clean. To add the package.

Download for Slackware from Ktown repository.

Gambas WebKit component. Gambas is a free development environment based on a Basic interpreter with object extensions, like Visual Basic(tm) (but it is NOT.

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Gambas WebKit component. Package: gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit ( 2ubuntu) [universe] Other Packages Related to gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit. QT += core gui QT += webkit. is wrong. You seem to be using Qt 5, and in Qt 5 the correct module is webkitwidgets. 2nd issue is format, you seem to have two. Same behavior [/] cd /tmp/usr/ports/www/qt5-webkit/work/.build/ DerivedSources && /usr/local/bin/cmake -E copy_if_different.

N+1 ships with the same WebKit branch as 5.N, or is updated 2. It makes people believe that QtWebKit 5.N should be used with Qt 5.N only. libqt5-qtwebkit. Qt 5 WebKit Library. The Qt WebKit module provides the WebView API, which allows QML applications to render regions of dynamic web content. Summary: Python 3 bindings for PyQt 5 webkit. Description: Python 3 bindings for PyQt 5 webkit. URL:

UK Slackware Linux and Slackware based project mirror service. Package, Summary, Distribution, Download. python-qt5-webkitfc aarchhtml, Python bindings for Qt5 Webkit, Fedora 28 for aarch qt5-webkit alpha GPL3,LGPL3,FDL,custom. Replaces: qt5-webkit- ng, qt5-webkit-og. Conflicts: qt5-webkit-ng, qt5-webkit-og. Installed Size: 34MiB.

Just posting this answer because I debugged and searched all day so maybe someone else won't have to. It is probably a temporary repo. As mentioned in my submission for port:qt5-assistant, QtWebKit has recently seen a reboot/revival, and is currently at a point where it provides an interesting. Expected results: python2-spyder would upgrade and depends on the right python qt5 webkit package. Additional info: Cordially, -- NVieville.

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